Legal common sense, SummerSlam followup, and credit where it is due

Greets once again, little ones.  Tonight will not be the marathon that last night’s SummerSlam live blog was – particularly because as my first attempt at live blogging an event, I found that it is much more exhausting than just watching said event.  In all seriousness – I decided to do my thing here for my own personal satisfaction and as a form of coping that wouldn’t land me in a hospital or elsewhere – but the people that do things like this full-time amaze the living hell out of me all the more.  I gave my thoughts on Alanah Pearce of IGN the other day (and if you haven’t read that yet, you should) and I look forward to doing more such pieces in the future, as these people are fucking unbelievable.  Want proof?

blonde nerd

She does this full time and makes a living doing so.  I will be giving Brittney Brombacher her full due in a later post, but if you like games, anime, or any other nerdy pursuits, her site is fantastic and the amount of work and love that she pours into it is phenomenal.  I’d take my hat off to her, but I’m an Evil Wizard, and we don’t take off our hats.  Ever.  For any reason.

I’m also exhausted from a longer-than-expected day in court today.  For all of you out there who may one day, for one reason or another, find yourselves on probation with a court, any court – there will be a list of things that you must do, and possibly a list of things that you are prohibited from doing.  Now, I don’t know why this is so goddamn difficult, but it stands to reason that you should probably DO the things you are told to do, and for fuck’s sake, DO NOT DO the things you’ve been told not to do!  This is not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen.  You’ll save yourself time and money, and likely save my sanity and liver function at the same time.

Finally, just in case some of you didn’t get enough of my thoughts on wrestling last night – not that anybody actually gave a damn what I thought – but we learned tonight before Raw went on the air that Finn Balor, after a great match which saw him become the WWE Universal Champion, will be forced to forfeit the title tonight and miss the next 4-6 months with a shoulder injury sustained as a result of taking the Rollins powerbomb to the barricade that I pointed out last night shouldn’t be a thing anymore because it had already injured too many people.  But what the fuck do I know, right?  I’m sure all those big-wigs in WWE headquarters are fine with a guy they had just pinned as a new top star in the company missing half a year because they didn’t want to ban a move that had already ended at least one career and stalled a few more.  I’m a huge Seth Rollins fan, and I don’t personally blame him for this – he didn’t intend it, and I’m sure he feels awful about it.  But at some point when something happens by accident enough times for the same reason, you have to recognize it and take the steps needed to avoid it.  And that means not using that particular move anymore, Seth.  Frankly, even if the company doesn’t require you to stop, you should do it anyway out of respect to your colleagues in the business.

That’s all for tonight, lads and lasses, but remember – love who you are, love what you do, but hate Donald Trump with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. – EWE


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