Greg Miller is amazing

So those of you that follow this (for which I thank you, and also somewhat question your sanity), you know that this blog had its genesis as a form of coping with loss and pain, and finding inspiration in other people again.  Fuck, that sounded pretentious.  Nonetheless, it’s true – hence my small tribute to Alanah “Charalanahzard” Pearce a few posts ago.  So with that in mind, I bring to you another pillar of the gaming community – one who can teach literally anyone a lesson in overcoming adversity and persevering in pursuit of a dream: Greg “@GameOverGreggy” Miller of Kinda Funny.

Intensity not to scale – actual intensity level would permanently break the Internet.

You know that quiet, unassuming nerdy kid, who is embarrassed to talk about his hobbies and avoids interacting with anyone?  Greg Miller is in no fucking way that guy.  At all.  Greg has been gaming most of his life, and writing about them as a journalist for his entire career.  That career in journalism began with the Columbia Tribune in Missouri, and continued as he moved to San Francisco to join IGN.  While at IGN, all he did was bust his ass to rise and become one of the top editors in the company, along the way starting a small little endeavor called Podcast Beyond – which became the top-rated Playstation podcast in the world.  The entire goddamn world.  Think about that for a second.

Now, you might say, “But, Evil, while that’s all great, is it really that inspirational?”  First of all, I don’t remember us being on a first-name basis – but I suppose since you’re reading this, you can call me Evil.  Besides, I’m pretty sure calling me Mr. Wizard would get me sued.  And if the above wasn’t enough to inspire you, you jaded bastards, how about this: while at IGN, Greg Miller beat cancer.  Let me repeat that – Greg Miller faced down and defeated fucking CANCER.  As someone who suffers from significant health issues, I can tell you that the very concept of cancer scares the living shit out of me – and Greg dealt with it, kicked its ass, and continued his remarkable journey.  You inspired yet?  Well, if not, then go take a listen to some of how he did it in his open, emotional, and frank interview with Jared Petty on Jared’s phenomenal podcast, Pockets Full of Soup.

Ain’t no “kinda” about it.

So, after making it in the industry that he loved and defeating a life-threatening illness, you’d think, “Holy shit, Greg’s probably content to enjoy his career at IGN and just settle down his life, right?”  Nope.  See, Greg has a unique personality that, once displayed to the world on his YouTube channel, Game Over Greggy, clicked with the gaming community at large.  Put simply, he is hilarious and entertaining as fuck, along with being extremely sharp and insightful in his critiques of the industry.  As his videos began to gather more and more attention, Greg, alongside his friends Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino, and Tim Gettys, decided they would leave their established jobs at IGN and devote their time, money, and energy full-time to making their own network, Kinda Funny, a hit on its own.  Kids, we all have dreams, goals, aspirations.  Many of us work very hard toward those, and some achieve them or something very close to them.  But very, very few people reach a level of sustainable success and WALK AWAY FROM IT in order to do something close to their heart.  But that’s exactly what Greg Miller did.

If you like games, you should follow and support Greg Miller.  If you just like funny shit, you should follow and support Greg Miller.  And frankly, if you just like people looking adversity in the face, giving it the finger and telling it to go fuck itself, you should follow and support Greg Miller.  Thank you for being who you are, Greg.  I will pour you a whiskey right now.  And since you’re not here to drink it, I’ll drink it alongside mine, in your honor.

That’s all for now, children.  But remember – when you hear people say Donald Trump has now started to go soft and flip-flop on issues, it isn’t true.  As Melania and his previous wives can tell you, he’s been soft and floppy for a long, long time. – EWE


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