Rage at maximum capacity – must disperse

Hello, meatbags.  Believe it or not, after how well the last few posts went, tonight was going to be relatively positive again, where I discuss a game or a decent example of humanity.  Sadly, that has been derailed by a self-described “18-year-old white girl” who goes by the name “Bunny Hopper” – which I can only assume means that either A. she has particularly low self-esteem, or B. she is a he who wants to pretend that he is an 18-year-old white girl.  I don’t fucking care either way – we’re going to take her at her word for now because the real issue is that she is one the stupidest life-forms to ever form out of carbon, water, and trace elements.

You see, Hopper there decided to take to Twitter and tell the world how great it was to see Donald Trump and former-high-wizard-asshat of the KKK turned GOP politician David Duke running for office so they could “stop the oppression of white people’s rights.”


Now, if there is one thing that I cannot stand, it is willful fucking ignorance.  No minority group, ever, has oppressed the rights of white people.  Period.  Ever.  It’s nonsensical to the point of being comical.  But when this was pointed out to her, Hopper instead concluded that I just wasn’t capable of understanding her.  Hmm…well, let’s take a stab at it, shall we?

I’m going to say that I in fact do understand you, as you are not a special snowflake or deep, complicated puzzle.  You’re a racist.  And a failure.  And you’ve managed to combine those two glowing character flaws in some kind of sad effort to have them justify one another – it isn’t your fault you failed to get into college, or lost your job, or can’t find your ass with both hands; it’s those damned non-white people!  Yeah, that’s it!  It’s totally on them.  You’ve somehow justified your own miserable existence as being through nothing you’ve done wrong, but rather the boogeyman of people who don’t look like you holding you down.  Also – you’re 18 fucking years old, and likely the only thing that’s ever oppressed you is a curfew.  That about cover it?

So, Hopper, I think we’ve all learned something here tonight – that you are laughably, almost criminally, stupid.  Well done.

Now then – with that out of the way, I hope to bring you some more positive thoughts soon.  I’ve begun reading the Stormlight Archive series by Brandon Sanderson – I thought highly of his work in completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in his own universe.  I’ve also been jumping around to several different games to see what clicks with me – some thoughts on my time with them soon.  And for anime fans out there, I’ve been seriously hooked on Thunderbolt Fantasy and RWBY – neither of which are “anime” per se, but are on Crunchyroll and incredibly good, so they count.  Watch them, adore them.

Until next time, mortals, remember – if you are STILL supporting Trump, go back to the beginning of this post, read it again, and understand that there some Bunny Hopper in all of you.  Like a disease. – EWE


2 thoughts on “Rage at maximum capacity – must disperse”

  1. A few Elmer Fudd quotes come to mind when you speak of this ignorant Ms. Bunny… The world be much better off if we all just respected each other. There’s so much fucking hate rampaging everywhere. It’s both rage inducing and tear-jerking…. sigh.

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    1. People are entitled to opinions – when the subject matter is opinion-based. But issues of objective fact aren’t opinion-based, and it drives me nuts when people say “they have a right to their opinion” about something that is an incorrect fact. 2+2=4, and nobody can say “well I think it’s 5, but that’s my opinion” because it’s a mathematical fact. Similarly, “I’m not a racist, I just think white people are oppressed by everyone who isn’t white” is not an opinion, it’s just being incorrect.

      And you’re right – it costs people nothing to just not hate other people. Nothing. And yet so many refuse to do it.

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