Comfort Zone Exceeded – Commence Panic

Confession time, kids – Evil Wizard, Esq. is many things, but supremely confident is NOT one of them.  Basically I am a hermit: dealings with humans have predominantly left me to not so much loathe them all, but to presume I SHALL loathe them and thus avoid interaction.  Quite frankly, my favorite interactions lately have been either here, or on Twitter.  So it comes as something of a shock to me that over the last few days, I have found myself with something planned that could objectively be called a “date.”  I feel I am handling my apprehension quite well…

My approach to apprehension.

This is my first attempt at non-cynical personal interaction since the unholy abomination of Paul Zindle reared its unspeakably horrid head.  Think of me kindly. Well, alright, let’s not pretend I deserve kindness – you’ve all been here long enough to know better.  But at least hope I don’t royally fuck this up beyond all possible repair. I have a bad tendency to do that. – EWE


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