Why Geeks Rule the World

Greets, little ones.  You are all witness at this moment to an exceedingly rare cosmic event – I am honestly, genuinely happy because of a group of humans.  I know, I know – even I am kind of shocked.  Particularly after that absolute dumpster fire of a debate last night, I thought for certain that I would be here just frothing at the mouth and ready to strangle the first person within reach.  But then…then this happened.

EWE’s actual heart is jet black and much smaller, but you get the idea.

As most of you that have been following for a bit are aware, I am an unabashed fan of IGN‘s podcasts and the incredibly talented men and women that make them happen.  Podcast BEYOND and Podcast UNLOCKED, and more specifically the amazing people behind them – AlanahMartyMaxBrianAndrewRyan, and so many more – showed kindness and friendship to a complete nobody halfway across the country at a time when I needed it more than anything.  They had nothing to gain by doing so, but they did it anyway – because they are just good people.  The absolute best.

So knowing this, their latest act of kindness and generosity comes as no surprise to me, but is no less heartwarming.  Recently, a fan of the shows, Zach Carlson, wrote in to tell the story of how the recent advent of VR gaming had been very meaningful for his family – as his blind, autistic brother had fallen in love with it the moment he had tried it.  Zach went on to describe something that I, and anyone that has a loved one that suffers from autism, wanted to weep when I heard – that his brother said being in the VR world was the first time in his life that he felt “normal.”  After sharing his touching story, Zach explained that he was now saving up to try and secure a Playstation VR system for his brother in time for Christmas.

Most people would say what a nice story that is, and then move on.  But not the IGN family – they decided to lend their hands, their voices, toward helping Zach reach his goal and then some.  Alanah started a GoFundMe and reached out to the gaming community in hopes of getting funding to provide Zach’s family with a PSVR and maybe even some games to go with it.

Gamers get a really bad rap.  People condemn them and their hobby as pointless and childish, and even within the community there can be vitriol and strife.  But when push comes to shove, the gaming community has each other’s backs like no other group in the world.


In less than four hours, the fundraiser brought in more than three times the goal it was aiming for.  Zach’s family would not only get a PSVR and every available game for the system, but be able to donate to a charity of their choosing as well.  And all of this was due to a group of gamers, of journalists, of podcast hosts, but most importantly, of absolutely fucking amazing people, who decided once again to show kindness for no reason other than because they could.

Support Zach’s GoFundMe, support IGN and their podcasts, and most importantly, humans, support one another.  There may be a disgusting, vulgar sexual predator running for the presidency – but the most important people in this world are the ones that take care of one another.  Yeah…even an Evil Wizard can help his own sometimes.  And I’m happy to do so.  Until next time, minions – take care of yourselves and one another. – EWE


8 thoughts on “Why Geeks Rule the World”

  1. What an awesome story. I have a background in working with kids with special needs, so stories like this really reach me. Thank you for sharing this! IGN’s crew gets a lot of flack sometimes, but they seem like great people.

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    1. This story really grabs at me, as my youngest son suffers from Aspergers. Over the last year I have been fortunate to get to know many of the IGN crew – they have, at least in my experience, all been incredibly kind, funny, hardworking people.

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  2. I find us Gamers are some of the most compassionate people out there. We usually get be heroes in games, and of course many of us want to spread the warmth into the real world. 🙂

    Such an inspiring team of people at IGN. I’ll have to make time to watch more of podcasts. We’re all stuck in this crazy world of ours together. We should all help each other out more often, instead of wasting so much energy on selfish ideals.

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