A Moment with Editor

Hello, friends.  You probably only know me from the occasional Editor’s Notes you see here and there when EWE is on a tirade.  (EWE’s Note: How DARE you reverse our roles like this?!  You release me from these parentheses RIGHT NOW!)  Just be patient for a little bit.  I’ve kept us out of jail this long, so don’t you owe me that?  (EWE’s Note:…point taken.  Carry on.)

You see, I thought that the tone of this entry, being rather different from the norm, would perhaps be more impactful coming from a different voice.  While anything that is posted on Evil Wizard, Esq. is always open for you to share with your friends (EWE’s Note: Or enemies!) we rarely request that you spread the word.  But for this, I would ask only that if you feel this message is one that resonates with you, or that would resonate with someone you know, you spread this message.  I truly feel it is something that many people encounter in their lives, from one side or the other, and would benefit from seeing from this perspective, even if only a little.  If you find you agree, I would only humbly ask that you share the following with someone that could use it.


Now you may wonder where I found such a long-winded meme online.  The answer is…I didn’t.  The picture is just a random photo, true enough – but the words are my own.  They are drawn from my own experiences.  And while sometimes writing acts as a catharsis, a way to take what is trapped inside and remove it and place it elsewhere, when I read over these particular words again, they still resonate with so many feelings.  And so I wonder if perhaps they may help someone else, on either side of such a bond, recognize what it is that they have.

I know this is quite different from the normal…colorful streams of consciousness that you’ve come to expect from EWE here (EWE’s Note: Fuck yeah!) and I can promise that next time we will be returning to your regularly scheduled insanity.  But while it is often very, very hard for me to share a part of me with others without the shield of cynicism that EWE provides, I thought this may be something worthy of exception.

Best Wishes, – Editor


5 thoughts on “A Moment with Editor”

  1. I’ve added this to the growing “Awesome Meme” folder on my computer. Great job Editor! 🙂

    EWE’s amusing insanity always brightens my day, but I think the Editor should take over more often. Don’t let him push you around!

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    1. 😊 Many thanks and I’m glad to bri- SILENCE, MORTAL! Ahem…while Editor is indeed quite pleased to brighten your day, and I myself am…not displeased, if only because it is you and not one of the irritating rabble…I’m not sure that giving the reigns over to him regularly is necessarily a good idea. (Editor’s Note: I keep us fed, clothed, housed, and out of prison, you know.). …fair enough, I’ll take it under advisement…

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    2. And…thanks. The reason for the introspection, and for the image leading the post, are because the X-Files is my absolute favorite show of all time. In addition, I’m firmly convinced that it’s the greatest love story ever told. I always wanted to find my “Scully” – and now I think I may have. But I guess I forgot the part about how it took a long time for Mulder and Scully to acknowledge just how much they meant to one another haha.

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    1. HE KNOWS! HE MUST BE SILENCED! (Editor’s Note: You literally tell people we occupy the same body. It isn’t a secret. You just want to incinerate someone.) Stop judging me! You don’t know me! You don’t know my life! (Editor’s Note: Actually…) Shut up! It’s a figure of speech.

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