What EWE and Editor Have Learned From Blogging

Hello, mortals!  Well, are we in for a treat today.  You see, my fellow spell-slinger, The Well-Red Mage posted a query to our blogging community, wanting to know the answer to the following:


Me?  You want to ask me, the living embodiment of snark and cynicism what I’ve learned since I started communicating with you feeble humans?  Oh, now you’re…in for…what’s that sound?  Music?


Hello, friends – Editor here.  I thought that the Well-Red Mage’s question deserved some thoughtfulness and introspection, and well…I think we all know that those aren’t the first things that EWE goes to when a query is posed to him.  So, I decided that I would be a better fit to respond for the both of us.  Don’t worry – he’ll be ok.  See, he doesn’t know it, but all I have to do is put on something relatively sad and/or sappy (in this case, “After All” by Cher and Peter Cetera) and he goes completely catatonic.  It’s like rolling a shark over onto it’s back – and since I’ve compiled an entire Spotify playlist of them, he’ll be locked up for hours.  Don’t tell him though – typically he has no memory of it once he snaps out of it, and his denial is rather amusing.

EWE and Editor After All

So…what have we learned since our first blog post?  My goodness – it’s been a little less than a year, but it almost seems like forever.  As those of you who have been following this little literary lark for a while know, this blog began as a coping mechanism.  A short time before, our world had come crashing down at the hands of the person we trusted most.  The resulting depression was very, VERY deep – and but for the intervention of our eternal bestie, Malevolent Moogle, as well as some unexpected kindness from some fantastic folks at IGN, it might have been permanent.  But they brought us back from the edge of that abyss, and then the question became what to do in order to begin to heal the wounds and be able to connect with people again.  Having always enjoyed writing, the decision to try blogging seemed somewhat obvious.

As anyone that looks back at those first few entries can attest to, EWE was firmly in control of our little endeavor – I was only able to prevent him from making any truly horrific mistakes.  And that was a direct reflection of the place we were in – hurt, angry, and alone.  But then something completely unexpected happened, and it leads into what I’ve learned.  As trite as it may sound, I learned that I wasn’t alone.  I was welcomed into the blogging community by so many other amazing, talented writers.  I developed friendships with fantastic people from all over the world, whom I’ve never seen, but who have been there to listen to me and share in my journey back from the place I was in.  And slowly, but surely, they helped to draw the scattered pieces of me back together so that EWE and myself could start to reassemble them.

This is actually an incredibly accurate depiction of EWE and Editor – which can’t possibly be healthy.

Along the way, as I found myself again, this blog found its voice as well.  In the beginning, I honestly didn’t know what this would be – other than a place for EWE to vent and melt down without resorting to screaming at stuffed animals like a COMPLETE lunatic.  But as my friendships with so many talented people in the games and entertainment community grew, I found a niche in offering my thoughts on all sorts of offerings in my hobbies of choice.  As someone who has often sought escape from my world into those of others, I’ve always loved books, movies, comics, manga, anime – anything that I could get lost in, with characters I could grow attached to.  And then there was my day job as an attorney – one of the few things that I can claim without feeling arrogant to be fairly good at.  There are my posts about cooking, which grew from something I only liked doing when I could do it for someone else into something I get to share with all of you.  And so, while it may seem like a fairly eclectic hodgepodge of subject matter, it is me.  In sharing all of these things with others, I found that I was opening up more to all of you than I had to almost anyone else, ever.  And while EWE would likely kill me for telling you all this – I’ve been grateful for the acceptance I’ve found in doing so.

Have there been setbacks?  Of course there have.  I’ve been called pathetic some whom I hold very dear; I’ve been mocked by some that don’t see why I even bother with this blog as an outlet.  But instead of letting those define me, I have instead focused on the support I have continued to have from my friends and loved ones, both in my daily life and in the wider Internet community.  It’s a process, and one that I keep working at each and every day.  So in a way, what I’ve learned since first starting my blog is something that I’m still continuing to learn each day.  As Tolkien put it:


And so, I’ll keep following the road, wherever it leads.  And I’ll continue to be grateful for each of you that is beside me along the way.

Now, it would appear that EWE appears to coming out of his daze, which is my queue to quietly step aside.  Thanks to you all for indulging in a little introspection with me!  And remember – don’t tell EWE about our little trick.  First, it’s unlikely to keep working if he were to catch on.  And also, there’s a decent chance he’d be so humiliated that he’d burn the entire globe to a cinder. – Editor

EWE and Editor After After All


  1. Surprisingly tender and heartfelt! 😉 Thanks for subduing the… impulses of our black magic friend to tell your tale. I’ve been consistently encouraged in hearing the responses so many have written for this question and yours was no exception. This is the kind of thing that keeps me writer. Reading about how much the process, the community, the craft of writing has helped pull some people out of their darker times makes me want to keep writing. There’s a lot of hope and joy in it. You sound like you’ve managed to find a way to cope with many things through it, I’d only add that I want to encourage you to not grow weary in meeting and making new friends. Some people can be cruel, something it sounds like you’re intimately familiar with. I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through and I’m glad we can come together to help you and each other in some small and mysterious way. I always wax sappy with these things but I think this is what it means to be human. Thanks for sharing your life. You’ve got a mage in me!

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    • Thank you so much, both for the thought provoking question as well as for the kind words regarding my answer. I think the most lasting positive thing I have taken from the lowest of lows that I was in is that the community I’ve found and friendships I’ve developed out of it are the kind that make continuing on worthwhile. Yes, people can be cruel – and while my best friend may chide me for it, I’m self-aware enough to know that I’ll often be a target for it because I give people the benefit of the doubt. But while in the past I may have only had myself to rely on when things are hard, I now have encouragement from so many others that I’m able to worry less that I’ve driven someone away rather than someone making the mistake of walking away from me. We all learn, little by little, day by day. That’s what life is.

      And EWE says “how dare he assume I’m human?!” 😈

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      • I recently went through turmoil in a close friendship as well and I just realized that we’re somewhat the same in that regard, out mastery of the arcane arts aside. Friend and I used to be much closer but their attitude mysteriously changed toward me and they’ve been very discouraging with the blog. When I started it, they said I’d give up on it in a short time so I guess part of my trying to post as often as possible trying to prove him wrong. It’s a relationship I’ve had to move on from as it became very nitpicky and negative. Sometimes life is like that, too. I’m glad we both found a place where we enjoy ourselves around new friends, learning as we go.

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  2. The edge of the abyss is a horrible place to be. I’m so glad you’ve found peace of mind by writing! I know blogging has become just as important as gaming for my sanity in this messed up world, haha. Keep up the awesome posts! I know I really enjoy reading everything Editor and EWE write. Feel free to sedate EWE more often though, Editor. 🙂

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  3. Such Profound Insights.

    It is fascinating so many fellow writers are walking
    this universal tightrope. Synchronicity is never a
    coincidence. It is interesting that time after time
    it is the WordPress Arena that we are finding like-
    minded adventurers on self-initiated undertakings.

    Keep up the great work, know there are more of us!

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  4. Thank you for sharing and being honest here EWE! Like you, I also began blogging as a way to cope during a hard time in my life, and I’m glad you got the support when you needed it. I consider you a great blogger and friend. I sincerely hope that setbacks or internet trolls don’t get you down, and that you always remember we’re here for you. 🙂

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