Rabbids & Smartphones & Dragon Balls, Oh My!

Greets, mortals!  I hope the evening finds you well…unless, of course, I hate you, in which case I hope the evening finds you fervently wishing that I DON’T FIND YOU.  Either way, welcome back.  Tonight I’ve got a few thoughts on a lot of different things for you, which is a bit of a change from normal.  I’ve found lately that, especially when I’m alone with my feline overlord, my mood and thoughts and emotions are scattered all over the place (well, aside from the constant overwhelming seething cauldron of hate for humanity…that’s pretty consistent), and consequently, I’ve been consuming media in a similar, scattershot fashion.  The good news for all of you, though, is that now you get to hear a bit about all sorts of good (or bad) stuff!  You may prostrate yourselves now.  I’ll wait.

It was a cliched and stormy night in Costa del Sol…

First up, we have the continuing adventures of Evil Wizard as he journeys through Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV.  Although the new expansion, Stormblood, was released this summer, I’ve yet to venture into any of that story content.  In fact, I’ve only recently, finally powered through all of the story missions that served as the bridge between the original Realm Reborn storyline and the first expansion, Heavensward.  After having reached Ishgard, I decided to take a slight break from powering through story content to level and unlock some other jobs.  But that isn’t to say the story isn’t calling to me – truth be told, I honestly feel like Final Fantasy XIV is the best game in the main series since IX, and maybe even since VI, and that is saying an awful lot because I have a lot of love for FF XII.  But XIV has an absolutely massive amount of plot content and characters, and the overwhelming majority of them are stellar.  Honestly, I recommend this game to anyone that loves RPGs.  Not just MMOs, not just Final Fantasy – if RPGs are your thing, and you haven’t tried XIV at all, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

It’s Mega Mario Metroid Man!

Next up, I’ve got the Switch game that up until E3 a couple months ago literally nobody knew they wanted.  Seriously, the Rabbids are the most goddamned annoying fuckers this side of the It’s A Small World ride at Disney World, and when Nintendo and Ubisoft announced  a crossover between them and the world of Mario you could hear the entire Internet give a collected groan.  Then around came E3, and with it the revelation that this would be a turn-based strategy game with some RPG elements – essentially X-COM lite but with Mario & Co. taking on Ubi’s insane vermin.  After spending several hour with it since launch and getting through the first couple of worlds, I can easily say this game is the biggest surprise of the year for me, and that’s saying something with a Mario game.  The X-COM style cover-based gameplay is fantastic, though in the early stages the difficulty seems significantly less than the sci-fi masterpiece.  This can likely be chalked up to the game being aimed at a much larger target market on the Switch than the decidedly older audience that X-COM attracts.  My understanding from friends that are much further into the game is that there is a definite difficulty spike later on, so I am greatly intrigued and thus far highly recommend Mario x Rabbids: Kingdom Battle to anyone with a Switch and a love of X-COM.

Image result for FInal Fantasy Dimensions screens
Hooray Job Systems!

Next up, for when I’m stuck with nothing but my phone or it’d be impolite to just open a book or Vita and blatantly ignore everyone around me, I’ve found myself diving back into Final Fantasy Dimensions.  I found myself drawn back in after talking about it for a bit with intrepid Michael “FinalMacstorm” Cunningham of #TeamHandheld.  I’ve been away from it for a while and am still getting back into the plot, but since it’s heavily patterned on the 16-bit Final Fantasy’s of old, there isn’t too much complexity to worry about.  I do now remember that the slow influx of jobs is made a bit more irritating by the fact that you can’t max them out – at particular beats in the story, you are granted a small pool of points that allow you to increase the max level of whatever jobs you choose for each character.  While I don’t believe this to be a monetization of the system – I don’t think you can purchase more of the points using real money – I haven’t yet reached the point of being able to know if there will be enough of these points to max out all jobs for everyone, or if not, how many each character may be able to fully develop.  It’s tough because it doesn’t let you really know if you should be specializing particular characters or what, and a somewhat incongruent party split can exacerbate matters somewhat.  Still, it isn’t anything that can’t be overcome with a bit of grinding, and I’m a complete whore for grinding in an old-school job system RPG.  Not going to say I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone yet, but if you are older than time as I am, and love Final Fantasy V’s job system, you’ll likely find this worthwhile.

Related image

Last, but assuredly not least, I’ve also been catching up on Dragon Ball Super.  DB is one of those series that I watch in spurts – I’ll binge a couple of dozen episodes and love them, then hit a saturation point and put it away for a while.  I’ve reached the point where Goku & Friends have been confronted by Black’s Super Saiyan Rose, and I must say that one of the features I love about this show is that every once in a while they show a flashback to events that occurred in prior series such as the seminal Dragon Ball Z, and the contrast between the quality of the animation in those and the gorgeous HD animation in Super just can’t be fully described.  Akira Toriyama’s character designs are world-renowned and timeless, and for as much as I love his work in the Dragon Quest series, this is the apex in terms of the quality animation.  As for the series, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much Dragon Ball has grown up – even in a series where death is often cheapened or worked around, there has been some genuine moments of tension and loss, and I feel like the experience gained by reworking Dragon Ball Z into Dragon Ball Z Kai has helped the studio to get a better grip on balancing fights with character development.  So no more 17-episode buildups to seeing Goku throw one Spirit Bomb…and that’s a very good thing.  If you’ve ever been a fan of Dragon Ball, you should check it out.

And that’s that for tonight, kiddos.  But before I go, just a piece of advice…I guarantee that most, if not all, of you humans have someone close to you that is likely suffering from depression.  You probably don’t know it, because they probably don’t say much if anything about it – ironically enough, because they already feel like a complete burden to those around them and don’t want to make it any worse.  But while they may be able to smile or crack a joke, inside they are very, very alone.  You humans have but a short time on this earth, and in that time, almost everything costs something…but kindness is free.  It can be given away to all that you care about with no real cost to you.  And while it might seem like little or nothing to you at the time, I guarantee you it means the world to someone.  Not that I care about the happiness of you pathetic mortals. – EWE


  1. I’ve made a deal with a friend that if the Lightning event ever comes back to FFXIV, I’ll give it a try, haha. Until then, NO MMOs for me. I’m glad Mario and Rabbids worked well. I was moved by the feelz the developer had for the game. I’ll have to check it out soon!

    Depression is a silent and dark beast, but the power of love conquers all. Mortals will always find strength by helping out others 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • XIV is the single best MMO value I’ve ever played – it operates as an absolutely huge and fantastic single player FF epic, but with other people controlling some of the party members. I can’t recommend it enough to people. And Mario Rabbids is definitely a fantastic Switch game – I’ve honestly yet to be disappointed in anything I’ve played on Switch.

      Your words are true, and feel as if they are spoken from experience. I suppose, were I mortal, I’d probably have to thank my merry menagerie of malcontents I’ve found here – not least of all you – for doing a lot to keep the beast at bay. Were I mortal, of course. 😈

      Liked by 1 person

      • I do love solo friendly MMOs… So tempting. You are truly evil, haha.

        Experience is a harsh but great teacher! Us bloggers have each other’s backs whenever that beast shows up 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Of course it’s tempting! That’s what the devil does, darlin’ 😈

        You are most assuredly correct. If I’ve noticed a theme with many of the blogging community, it’s that many of us always see the best in people, but are too often give their worst by them instead. It weighs on the heart, but I’ve been unspeakably grateful for the hands of you and others that have been held out when I’ve felt pulled under.


  2. What’s worse: rabbids or minions? Better question: which one is more flammable? I’ll leave you to your experiments, but before you make the test bonfires, I’ll just add I’m now interested in playing Mario + Rabbids, and I think we discussed XIV before. As VII’s ambassador (just waiting for my badge…) I’m curious about its “double,” and I seen to recall you either don’t need or don’t need as much collaboration, which is why I avoided XI. I’d say I don’t play well with others, but after racing some of the fine bloggers hereabouts, I can no longer maintain that facade *grumble* Freaking supportive community is making people think I’m NICE *shudders*

    Liked by 1 person

    • XIV can be experienced ALMOST entirely solo, with just the occasional story mission/dungeon requiring a group and plenty of party finder queues to do so. I cannot recommend it enough to any Final Fantasy fan, or RPG fan in general. I also played XI and was driven away multiple times by the brutal necessity of parties to do ANYTHING – totally the opposite in XIV. The answer to your Rabbids/Minions question is “anything burns if you want it badly enough.” And yes, this supportive little group of friends is making my general misanthropic nihilism much harder to keep up. Bastards.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That turned me off of XI immediately, and I was worried that XIV was the same way. Glad to see Squeenix can get SOME things right in the MMORPG world.

        It’s really hard to hate everyone when it’s so much fun to play Mario Kart with them, and I don’t even mind losing…

        Liked by 1 person

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