Who is this soulless wreck?

EWE Stabs Editor Pillars

Welcome, humans (or non-humans, or sentient trees…whatever), to this rambling stream of consciousness. Join EWE and Editor (sometimes alleged to be one and the same!) as they talk about games, wrestling, books, shows, and whatever else happens to cross their mind.

I (we?) have a lifelong love of gaming going back to the Atari 2600 and skipping lunches at school for a year to save up enough money to buy the neighbor’s used one. I’ll (we’ll?) play just about anything on just about any system, but RPGs are the food for my (our?) soul. (Editor’s Note: I’m actually impressed you admit you have a soul.)

Oh, and unless they say a picture is theirs…it isn’t and they don’t claim it is. It belongs to the original creators. They’re just appreciators.

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